The Annual Bull / Cow Dinner

We are pleased to announce the 22nd Anniversary of the Bull/Cow Dinner. This year’s theme is “An Evening with Kent Rollins" and will be held March 11, 2017. 

Along with slingin’ hash, Kent has become pretty good at slingin’ bull. Through poetry and storytelling Kent describes life on the trail and the mishaps that can occur growing up cowboy. His range is varied as poems and stories can be heartfelt in conjunction with comedic cow tales. Don’t be surprised if Kent gets a chuckle out of you because his poetry and storytelling talents have earned him the Skinny Roland Humor Award for Best Humorist and Storyteller and he was nominated three times for Best Storyteller, all by the Academy of Western Artists.

2017 22nd Annual Dinner: "An Evening with Kent Rollins"

The Bull/Cow Dinner is an unconventional annual event for the community to support the Jr. Livestock Auction and Inter-Mountain Fair. The Heritage Foundation has hosted this event since 2011 and every year gets more enjoyable. Thanks to Skip Wilmore and Kathy Stout for starting this event twenty years ago. The past themes for the dinners have been:

  • 2011 16th Annual Dinner:  “American Graffiti”
  • 2012 17th Annual Dinner:  “Mardi Gras”
  • 2013 18th Annual Dinner:  “Classic Oldies”
  • 2014 19th Annual Dinner:  “Duck Dynasty”
  • 2015 20th Annual Dinner: "Hunters Ball"
  • 2016 21st Annual Dinner: "A Night in Tuscany"

This private party serves dinner as “buffet style” with the attendees bringing drink and home cooked food as appetizers, salads, side dishes and dessert. The foundation provides the main course. No one goes home hungry or bored. Entertainment will be provided and dancing will ensue.

Tickets are sold only as a “Table of Ten” for $400/table and sponsors are named in our advertisements. Proceeds from this fundraiser go toward the purchase of animals at the Jr. Livestock Auction. Thank you for your continued support of the Annual Bull/Cow Dinner Dance.

To reserve your table, call the fair office