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Inter Mountain Fair

A little history about the Inter-Mountain Fair.

The Inter-Mountain Fair is a country fair that boasts green lawns, beautifully landscaped flowers, and a hometown atmosphere. We aim to create a family atmosphere for all ages to enjoy and every year attending the Fair is a huge tradition for the Inter-Mountain Area. The estimated annual attendance is around 30,000 people. The fairgrounds are located in the northeastern tip of Shasta County on State Highway 299E in the town of McArthur, 70 miles NE of Redding, CA. McArthur is located in the Fall River Valley along with Fall River Mills, Glenburn, Day, Pittville, and Dana. All are farming communities with a total population of about 2,000 people and are at about 3,400 feet elevation.

The beginning of the Inter-Mountain Fair in 1918 is attributed to the leadership of Parker Talbot, Shasta County’s first Farm Advisor with the Agricultural Extension. He cultivated the qualities of leadership and community cooperation in the outstanding ranchers that promoted that first county fair. 

The founding fathers, Roderick McArthur, W.J. Albaugh and James R. Day, organized the first fair by holding the first rodeo in the McArthur corrals and the first exhibits were displayed in George Rose’s barn.

Even in that first year, the community support was outstanding. A variety of fruits and vegetables were shown by the various farmers. Several coops of fowls added to the interest of the exhibits. The local flour mills had good exhibits of flours and cereals, and the cheese factory and meat packing company showed what they produced and provided samples. There were credible displays of canned fruits and vegetables, embroidering and fancy work. The local ranchers brought in their horses, mules, and purebred bulls for display.

The popularity of the event could be seen in the local paper which ran an ad: "Big Crowd coming to our fair…..Come to the Fall River Valley Community Fair."

In the following year it was reported that two thousand people came to Fall River Valley to view the exhibits, demonstrations and entertainment. The rodeo continued to be the main event and a baseball tournament was played for the championship of the Inter-Mountain valleys. Farm Bureau, the McArthur Grange and community exhibitors donated time and volunteer hours to continue the new fair traditions.

The Inter-Mountain Fair has been held every year since, except 1943 during World War II. Come on out and be a part of the ongoing story of the Inter-Mountain Fair!