2016 Inter-Mountain Fair Heritage Foundation Sponsorships


Hatchet Ridge Wind, LLC
Shirley and John McArthur
Ed Staub & Sons
C & H Enterprise
Colleen & Herb Schmidt
Sharman and Randall Harr
Hat Creek Construction
Robert Thompson
Art and Caroline Whitney
Mountain Echo Newspaper
Donna & Walt Caldwell
McArthur Ranch Inc. 
Basin Fertilzer & Chemical
Clay Jacobson
Pit River Tribe


E & G Logging
Dave and Ginny Hanna
Prather Ranch
Mary & Jim Ricket
Tubit Enterprises
Delbert Howard's Building, Inc. 
Del and Kathrine Howard
Rocking K Ranch Guest Cabin
Anna's Country Kitchen
Fred and Wendy Waters
Plumas Bank
Brandon & Susan Knoch
Vineyard Springs Ranch
Carpenter Family


Karen McArthur
Linda and Don Eastman
Kurt Urricelqui
Larry and Midge Dier
Ron and Linda Hummel


Stephen and Elena Albaugh
Janette and Jim Albaugh
Big Valley Seed Company
Brian and Megan Dahle
Bosworth Ranch
Eddie Bosworth Jr. 
Burney Fall River Big Pines Realty
Driscoll Strawberry Association, Inc. 
Eades Ranch
Lennie & Edna Eades
Fall River Veterinary Hospital, Inc. 
Dr. Ken Evans, DVM
Keri & Steve Titus
Frontier Communications
Goose Valley Farming, LLC
Ted & Vicki deBraga
John's Gun Repair
McArthur Volunteer Fire Dept
Hat Creek Hereford Ranch & Campground
Lynda & Jerry McDaniel
Golden State Farrm Credit, ACA
Paige Ranch
Patricia & Raymond Paige
Patricia McArthur-Rue
Don Smith
Dr. Tom & Marie Vestal, DVM
Bruce and Patrcia Bergman
Bidwell Ranch, Inc.
Mark and Debbie Bidwell
Caldwell Banker InterMountain Realty
Howard & Kathy Lakey
Del Logging
Torre and Megan Young
Dale and Judy Barnard
Beaver Creek Ranch
California Outdoor Properties
Hovis Hardware
Rod and Karen McArthur
McEntire Landscaping, Inc.
Jim McEntire
Norris Construction, Inc.
Pittville Pellet Mill
Don and Diane Estes
Thor and Sheral Thorlaksson
Tri-Counties Bank - Fall River Mills
Rich Callison & Donna Utterback
Valley Hardware & Nursery
Jeremy & Sierra Vanover
Anderson Rotary Club
Pres. George Wold
Roger Grigsby Trust
Roger Grigsby or Kristan Hurd
HP Livestock
Henry & Pam Giacomini

The Law Office of Denise Winn

Silver- In Memory Of

Anna Marie & Seth Sanders
         -Lawrence Agee and Chuck Kingsbury

Bill/Carol Buckman & Ken/Gitch Bickford
        -Jim & Dorothy Bickford


Penny & Frank Domenico
CaraLynn & Virgil Gosser
InterMountain Insurance
Mona Carr
Adelle & Gary Maricich
Geri & Bob Murray
Chelle & Hardy Vestal
Stan & Glorianne Weigand
Jack and Dale Sloat
Jeannette & Michael Ciriello
Evergreen 4-H Club
Allen and Barbara Albaugh
Brian and Sandra Bruce
CAL Cattle Company
Callie McArthur
Kevin and Linda Corr
Tim and Katy DeCoito
Humphry Trucking
Brian and Tami Humphry
Ken and Debbie Hutchings
Indian Springs Ranch
Harry & Mili Turiello
Inter-Mountain Cattlewomen
Craig and Christine Knoch
Jack & Patty Marymee
Meyer Suffolks
Donald and Ann Meyer
Rotary Club of Burney-Fall River
Pres. Bob Jehn
Smith Farms
Jesse and Melanie Smith
Dave Moyer Solar
Dave and Sally Moyer
Don and Penny Sandberg